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what you think ?

There is a part in this that I didn't like but overall I liked it.

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Meeting Capoeira pt1

The Why… kinda
I have wanted to learn capoeira for years now, yet I couldn’t tell you when I learned it even existed. I was intrigued the moment I saw it being performed, and began searching websites for places in Chicago where I could take classes. It seemed to be a “secret squirrel” society though. It was something people were doing, but it was hard to find a place to go to where one could see such a marvel for himself. I wasn’t living in the city at the time, and the only places found were far away from me. But I was willing to take the long journey from south suburb to the cities end to learn this graceful thing.
I found a place called Keller’s Martial Arts in Irving Park that offers martial art classes in various styles from taekwondo to hapkido, boxing, kickboxing, judo and even kung Fu. However the owner sneakily has patrons sign these eleven month contracts that require one to pay one hundred dollars a month for the duration of the contract plus a start up fee. I would have gladly paid too, but the schedule posted online for the capoeira classes changed drastically and it no longer was worth my wild to join seeing as I ONLY wanted to learn capoeira.
I found a place in Pilson, IL, which had a pay as you go type of plan. That sounded much better to me. I took one class, and never made it back. It was just too inconvenient on account of my class schedule and the commute. I saw that capoeira classes were offered at the fitness center on campus at Columbia College. Which was perfect. I was already a student, but when I went to join; it turned out that the brochures for the fitness center where I found that information were outdated. That was spring of 2010. Fast forward to fall semester 2011 when I found out that once again capoeira was back at the fitness center, I was ecstatic. I could get in shape, learn this skill I’ve wanted to learn for so long, and it was free!
The What… somewhat
Capoeira is in limbo between a deadly sport, and a graceful dance. Combining fast flying roundhouse kicks done ever so poetically to an entrancing spiritual, yet tribal music. Ultimately creating something that resembles a contemporary dance. It seems as though the exact origin of capoeira is a touchy subject. I’ve always know this to be a Brazilian martial art, however it seems that some serious capoeiristas and other so-called knowledgeable people of all things worldly think otherwise.
I was speaking to a friend, a friend who is not at all a capoeira contender, and he said that capoeira was a based off a system that comes from the Yoruba people. I’m not knowledgeable enough to dispute that, however I found a passage in a book that really caught my attention. The passage basically said: that saying that Capoeira is completely native to Brazil without the African influence would be absurd, yet to say that it was preexisting is too far fetched. I agree with that because of all the countries that partook in slave trading, capoeira is still what I like to call “secret squirrel society”. Even though it does exist, and is very popular, it isn’t as easily found as say… karate or other Asian based martial arts. My perhaps… ignorant opinion is of all the slaves the United States had; if Capoeira were native to Africa, it would be as big for us as it is for Brazil. (Almeida)
The Place
Capoeira at Columbia College Chicago is taught in the basement of the fitness center, which is part dormitory, part student rec center. The building is located on the corner of Plymouth court and Polk Street. Outside the building is a collection of bars and shops, and the old Dearborn station. As I go inside I think to myself how few times I’ve been in this place. I take a seat at the window to really absorb my surroundings. It is a tremendous amount of purple decor in this place, and for a recreation area it sure is quiet. Walking down the stairs to the lower level is an eerie thing with only a few footsteps, and elevator dings to be heard along with the hum of a vending machine.
The Capoeira class meets Tuesday’s at 6:00 pm in a huge room with a wall, covered floor to ceiling with mirrors. Black and white speckled rubber like mats cover the floor. A speaker system is in one corner. This is a multi purpose room used for activities like yoga, but also could be a junk room for random things not being used. There is a wall covered with boxes packed with unknown things. They have aerobic equipment like steps, and some weights. There’s usually a little funk in air when I’m in this room. Not because I stink, but you know… people workout there.
Students warm up by jumping in place, and performing the ginga back and forth, and up and down. Form is very important when drilling moves for speed, accuracy and ultimately protecting your self from counter attacks or being tripped/pushed down. During one of our sessions the maestro was having people drill moves called armada and queixada (ke-sha-da). Basically one delivers the former kick then leans back to get out of dodge, because the opponent is going to return with the latter of the kicks mentioned. People weren’t giving the lean enough importance, and he wanted everyone to know that you have to be sure to clear your face and shoulder from the attackers foot. He then said “Give those movements justice, I swear I’ll kick you” (Granger)
The Teacher (Maestro) and His Crew
The Maestro is a man of average height, and built frame by the name of Joshua Granger. He’s a family man, whose wife always comes in ten or 20 minutes earlier than he does carrying their son. A fair skin, green eyed, curly haired baby boy who’s destined to be one of the top capoeiristas in the city of Chicago. Several times I heard Joshua say Isaiah (son) will start training as soon as he learns to walk. Josh started his own training in 1994 at age seventeen after being introduced to it at the University Of Chicago, a place he said he frequented even though he was not enrolled there.
The Game
The pulse of the music is like a heartbeat dictating the pace of the movements. Meanwhile what is being sung is meant to keep our energy up when you’re in the roda (pronounced ho-da). Every practice has a roda at the end. A roda is when everyone forms a circle, and then two people spar one another. When they’re done, they leave the circle and the next two opponents go. There is another way we do a roda in the class and that’s when one person goes against another, and after a few minutes someone else has to “buy in” and take the place of the fighter who has fought the longest in that match. This game is about courtesy and respect. The point is to show off your moves, and maybe tap the opponent but not intentionally hurt them; meanwhile you’re becoming a better capoeirista. When class is over we huddle in circle; put in one hand and yell salve (sal-ve) or save us in Portuguese.

Meeting Capoeira pt2

Music is a big part of Capoeira and can be ritual and symbol. The lyrics of the songs sung could be light hearted and fun, or inspiration to play harder. The lyrics could be about love or death. The music was also a way to relay messages to one another about things happening outside of the roda. Joshua told me that you could tell the difference between an old school Capoeira song and a new school one. The classics, like Negro spirituals, had lyrics like: “Don’t tip over the milk, because the tree will fall. Look yonder to the owl so the fork will know”. “It had to be crazy shit like that because they had to be discreet”. New Capoeira songs are direct, and talk directly about what’s going on, because there’s no need to be discreet. (Granger)
My Identity In this Class
My time here learning capoeira, learning about capoeira, and getting to know those in the group has been interesting. I remember a few weeks ago writing about my identity and place in the group, and not feeling so good about it. But that drastically change between then and now. When I was in class drilling moves I often felt like I was doing them wrong. I felt awkward, and sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes I fell, and got embarrassed. I felt very outside the group in those moments. One day a woman named Amy was leading my side of the class, the beginner’s side of the class, and I felt I couldn’t do the moves correctly. Well actually it wasn’t that I couldn’t; it was that she was moving way too fast for me. Even when Josh teaches I feel like the pace is going way too fast. I looked around to see how many of these guys (and girls) were actually doing the moves correct, and in sync with the teacher. Not many of them were. It eased my mind a bit, but I was still very self-conscious.
I tried to shake it off and just do it, but I still wasn’t executing the moves. We were drilling a combo kick. A combo made up of two different kinds of roundhouse kicks; the already mentioned armada and queixada. I remember feeling like “don’t give up B, you got this” so I excused myself from the group In order to regroup. I went to the back of the room, and just watched for a minute. Then I went back to try again. I still couldn’t get the moves right; I couldn’t get over how effortless this woman’s armada was. It was almost like she was performing ballet. Amy’s arms went up, and her leg followed as her foot led her twirling body 360 degrees clock wise while the other kick followed, counter clockwise. I then threw in the towel. I felt like even though she didn’t say anything to me directly I had been written off as a quitter.
The entire class regrouped, and both the beginners and the more advance were together doing this crazy move where we had to jump to the floor and some how swing our legs up like we were b-boys break dancing. Then somehow switch legs to be facing the other side. I was too through! I sat in the back and watched in frustration. Josh asked me had I done the exercise twice yet, and I told the Maestro that I was thinking about leaving. I don’t know why told him that. Like, why would he care that I was a quitter? But I explained to him that the pace was just too fast, how could he expect me to just know how to summersault, land on one foot, and then jack knife into a glass of water. My frustration was not because I thought it was impossible to do, but I’d need to know what are the steps one takes to do such things. His answer was to slow the moves down in my head and study them. He must think this is the matrix I thought to myself. I didn’t want to completely quit, so I suffered through the rest of the class. Even still, I was very unresponsive to anything else done in the class. It would have been less embarrassing if I had just got my stuff and left.
Things took a turn for the better on the November 8th 2011 class. A week or so before then I was rear ended while stopped at a stoplight, which stills has me on the bench suffering from a neck injury. However I continued to go class to observe, and this particular day on the 8th I felt very involved and needed. Another group occupied the room we are usually are in, and for that reason we practiced in the corridor. We didn’t have the usual sound system equipment to plug in an iPod with capoeira music, so we used the traditional instruments and played our own music.
We had two kinds of berímbaus and a pandeíro (tambourine). A berímbau is a long stick with curve in it, with a wire string tied at both ends. On the side that faces the person playing it is half of a gourd tied on with a string. To play this instrument you use a rock to apply tension to the wire while tapping the wire with a stick. The rhythm we played was four quick taps with the rock and 2 taps with out the rock. Meanwhile the pandeíro is a tap at the top, then a tap at the bottom followed by another tap at the top. I had never in my life played a berímbau, but that day I was willing and eager to learn. Pilar (participant) told me I was good at it, and the only real criticism I got was how to tap the pandeíro with the correct fingers.
I felt more apart of the group because as I leaving I went to shake hands with the players, and they all seemed more embracing then usual. I’m not sure if it was because I felt more open and embracive to them or what. I shook hands with a guy also named Brandon and I had this goofy look on my face. I said, “I’m being a creep, sorry”. Then he touches my face and says, “I know”. My reflexes reacted, and I grab his hand, and my mood changed but I realized he was only joking. I soften my frown and replied: “now you’re the creep”, and we laughed. That exchange made me feel like an insider. I made sure he knew I wanted to interview him for this project, and once we had the chance to sit and talk I reminded him of when he touched my face. I told him that it was off putting at first. But then I realized he was joking, so it made me feel more like I had a friend. He said it was to show that in this group everyone is welcomed, unlike other capoeira groups, which can be “clicky”.
Getting To Know People, While Getting To Know Capoeira
Brandon is one of my favorite capoeiristas in this group. Not because he shares my name, or my hair (style). But he, unlike other players in this bunch, never comes to class with sweats or formal Capoeira attire. He comes dressed in his street cloth. A sweater. A large scarf. Casual dress shoes. A nice shirt. Even with all the attention to detail, whether it be intentional or not, he’s never NOT ready to step into the roda, or the assist by teaching the beginners of the group.
When I come to Capoeira, I’m just leaving my English class, so for me it’s more convenient to just join the formation street cloths and all. That left me with the question… why does Brandon choose to fight in jeans, sweaters and button ups? He answered: “just for the energy of it and to rebel against the system”. He continued to say that he’s always practicing Capoeira because it’s in every day life. It is a set of morals that guides him in his interaction with people and different situations. (Cooper)
On the last day of class I interviewed Josh and after all the simple Simon questions I asked just to get the conversation going I came up with a great question, but Amy came over and said a few words and I forgot it. My solution was to stall, so I asked him to just tell me a story pertaining to him and capoeira. He replied, “I’m named after my uncle. My uncle was a black panther, and he looked after Tupac Shakur. It was about a struggle, and the struggle is in all of us even if we are blind to us.” I didn’t get it, so he followed that by saying: “Capoeira is the freedom of the movement, and the celebration of the fight.” I then asked Josh what was next for him and Capoeira, while secretly still stalling, and he said he wants to do an event in spring that brings many capoeristas together to one location. I couldn’t remember the REAL question, so I said my goodbyes and left him and a few others as they went for drinks and some food at a near by restaurant.
I went back to school and begin to type what I had just wrote down when probably the most important question, as far as I was concerned, came back to me. I packed up my things and headed to the restaurant; I was in luck he and the others were still there. I took a seat and asked him “is it a dance, or is it a martial arts?” “It’s a dance. It’s based on rhythm. Any martial arts you learn you have to have rhythm, just like a dance “ he said. My point of view is, when I hear some people call Capoeira a dance I think they are unknowingly belittling the seriousness of it. “Let them believe that” He said, with a convincing stare. I followed up with “is it fighting or is playing, because you often refer to it as playing?” Quickly he responded, “It’s playing, the minute you start fighting, you’re weak. It’s a game.” (Granger)
After four months of paper writing, note taking, and video recording Capoeira has reveled it’s self to me. Not as a thing that you do, not necessarily, but as the capoeiristas have said Capoeira is something much bigger than what we can do in an hour and half long class; it is a way of life. It is at my side in my darkest hour as a mentor that advises me when I face any form of oppression or obstacle. Even if you think you’re not very good at it, all anyone really has to do is play the game.

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What Came To Mind While Watching This Brilliant Video

MOMENTS at MADE I CHAPTER TWO with Erykah Badu, Jaybo & Miki´s String Quintet - The Film from MADE Blog on Vimeo.

Color / Abstract / Honesty / Strength
Line / Drum / Awkward / Brilliant
Pattern / Snare / Expression / Beautiful
Rhythm / Movement / Africa / Feelings
Creativity / Roots

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I did the Pougialis competition at my school, I didn't win but I enjoyed the process of choosing work, framing, and the camaraderie. My friend Ej Hill won in 2010

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you don't know

My grandmother was a big Nancy wilson fan. I dedicate this one to her.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Don't sleep because if you sleep you can't work.

No more sleeping.

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Soul Music

When most of us think of soul music the connotation is r&b driven music performed by a black artist. To a certain extent that is true, mostly because we made it that way. That's the term we use when describing such acts. However, for me, any music performed with enough emotion that the voice, instruments, composition...etc have the ability to single handed-ly or collectively influences or sway my emotions is soul music. That transcends race, gender, preference or any other box. At the point when troubles are forgotten, and sad moods become happy, it's just the listener and the music... It's just soul to soul.

*Note when I say we, I mean people in general. Black, white, or whatever.

I'm adding links of some ... just a small few of my favorite songs, that I consider to be full of soul. Which adding just a couple is very hard, for I love music and have far too many favorites.

Dionne Warwick - He's Gone. Which is a cover song (originally She's Gone by Tavares), and it really jams.

Gino Vannelli - I Just Wanna Stop. I think a lot of people know this one, but I for the longest this was an African American man. Hah! Tell me something.

Helen Reddy - To love somebody. The man is named Barry Gibbs, the lead singer of the bee gees. He singing.

Celia Cruz - Bemba Colora (red lips) - This is my JAM. The queen of salsa is singing with FUERZA. Peep the crowd too.

Shirley Bassey - Excuse Me. I'm a sucker for this sort of theatrical song and expression. I feel her pain when I listen.

*Note: some of these songs may be too advanced for the average listener.

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When it comes to the arts,
we don't need another visual artist, singer, dancer,rapper, we most certainly don't need another poet, shit... we don't even need another baller player....
but people are still going to want to fulfill the above categories.
The way I see it, you got about 10. million(+) fools trying to be number one. The question is... What are you going to do to AT LEAST BE RECOGNIZED?

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I want to relieve my mind of a lot of scenarios that revolve around the word reciprocity and it's meaning. I won't though, not now, but by writing even this much I pray that I can sleep with a pacified mind.

I can't stand when I reach out to some one and they don't reach back. I know people aren't always tied to their technology[,yet many are.] But you cannot assume that they are. I know you must be mindful that people get busy and have their own issues to deal with. But the biggest BUT is the fact that people think it's ok to not call/text/tweet/facebook you [me] to say "hey, I'm busy right now". Naw, that'd be too easy though, instead they don't say anything to you. For weeks sometimes, then they pop up on you like nothing happened. Like y'all just saw one another last thursday.

I'm not sure if I'm being too sensitive, but I just can't stand that. it aint right, don't do me that.

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Hey Mr. DJ

I'm notorious for dj'ing family functions. Playing music is like an escape, and an adventure for me. I love to play music for fam and friends. Quite often people will ask if they can have my music, which is kind of a odd question. I never know what to say to those that ask, because in a lot of ways it's like asking to take my children and never bring them back. I use children as an example because I'm very close to my music, so imagine giving anything that you are very close to away to not get back... it's not that easy.

Lately I have been considering taking up dj'ing as a more serious hobby, and purchasing a cross fader. Dj'ing doesn't have to be all about fancy turn table tricks, shit, it don't really have to be about a cross fader. I've been turning out house parties with just a lap top and a speaker for some time now. So really I have boiled it down to this theory: AS LONG AS I ENJOY THE MUSIC AND EVERYONE SEE'S THAT, THE'LL MOST LIKLY GROVE WITH ME. No doubt I'll get a request or two, which is cool, but the moment my solid gold soul set turns into, "hey, let's play the new Wacka Flacka Flame request hour", I'm not down with that.

When I play music, it's guaranteed to be old school. I pretty much specialize in 70's/80's funk and disco. I'm talking Peter Brown's Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me, and my all time favorite George Clinton Atomic Dog. Along with an array of soul/R&B and Pop mixed in. While yes I do sprinkle a little new millennium music in too, it really is not my forte.

If I'm ever to be asked to play music for anyone's function, I need to know that I can play the music that I like to play as I would if I were in my cousins basement on card night. I feel as though I can stipulate that, for it is not about the money they may pay me for my services, although it's nice to be paid, it's about integrity. It's about the good ass music that could never go out of style. It's about FUN. If I can't have fun, then I'd rather not be posted in someones dj booth looking stone cold crazy.

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A Noble Savage

A Noble Savage from Bis anartist on Vimeo.

A Noble Savage is an art exhibit shown at the Wiesner Gallery at M.I.T. Dorian Dargon is the brilliant artist, who even this early in his career, has an amazing grasp on his ideas, how he wants to present them. He is not only a friend, but my brother, and I was proud to help him put the finishing touches on such a phenomenal show.

I created this video to show the progression from just having hung the work, to the trickling of the 150 plus people that showed up on opening night.

P.S - D, made this beat.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Once you realize it's in you, NOBODY can take it from you. At that moment, I didn't need the afro picks, the ankhs, or the wrist straps to signify or symbolize who I was.

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Erykah Badu Meet and Greet twenty10

I happened along a door that led me back stage, and I found myself at the Erykah Badu Meet and Greet in the basement of the Chicago Theater June 2nd 2010. I had just come back from Miami, and had only 50 bucks to my name. I scraped upped the last money I had in this world, and bought myself a ticket to her show. I'm such a fan that I went to her show back to back in 2008. I got to shake her hand and all I could say was... "I love you" (3 times). I'm not sure how bugged out I appeared, but Badu asked me my name and said "I love you too, and thank you". She later followed me on twitter, and had a mini convo with me. If she reads this, I just want to say I can die HAPPY.

P.s - Erykah spoke softly so use head phones.

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Russell Ferguson

My Boy Russ, I voted for him on so you think you can dance. I've been following him since he won the competition.

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Out All Night

I swear I would tell people that I would watch a show starring Patti Labelle with my Granny, and they wouldn't believe me. I couldn't think of the name, and I tried to youtube and google but no luck. I guess because I was using the "The Patti Labelle show", well long story short... I have found it!

Do you remember Out All Night?

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Hey Arnold

The DO NOT make them like this anymore

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Musical Arts Institute- Summer Workshop Choir

I was presented the opportunity to sing in a choir this summer. I've NEVER been in a choir. I took the opportunity to do something I wouldn't normally do, and I enjoyed it. I had moments when I felt otherwise, however I am glad I stayed with it. I was moved by this song, "They Crucified My Lord", composed by Lana Manson of the Musical Arts Institute based in Chicago, Il.

I think the word is euphoric, I feel euphoric at the moment. When we sang at the concert (8/06/2010) you could feel the spirits of the audience. The people were so happy, and I get joy in knowing that I provided a piece of me to help get them to that point. I was amazed.

By the way this is just a rehearsal, I will try and get a better video.

Ratchet Ass Gas Station Bathroom

I think I got AIDs by just walking in that joint.

Saper Law Offices - Round Table Event

these pics are from the Saper Law Offices round table event.
Where myself and others were offered some free legal advice.
There were some characters in there that day.
Oh and you got to display and sell your work there as well.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hate is for SUCKAS!

I am so blessed to have the amount of love that surrounds me. On a day to day bases love is just prevalent, I don't want to take it for granted... and I don't... I wont. But sometimes it gets hard to cope with. It's like being an actor on stage, and everybody wants to see the show. Sometimes I feel resistant to affection people show me, because I believe if you have to have a moment... take it. If your mad be mad, if your sad be sad. I don't want to rain on peoples parades or be that person thats always got a problem, so I try to keep my distance when I can. I guess what I mean is, sometimes I don't want people loving on me when I'm feeling funky. That's understandable I think. Having said all that I still must realize, I'm damn lucky to have them... all of them and I love them too.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I feel utterly vulnerable right now. I'm pensive, very in my head about my life. I know I've done a lot already, but it is not enough. I long to do so much more, in search of fulfillment; however, I feel stuck. I am a very creative person, this I know, but I'm also very sensitive. Which is a gift and a curse. I really believe that. you see, I get a burst of creativity then suddenly it's gone. Often times it's because of emotions. The very thing that drives me as a creative being, hurts me in the same sense. Emotions like fear! Fear stifles my artistic expressions because I'm scared to succeed. I have a fear that holds me back, because I'm scared I will fail. I know I've got great ideas, the fear of failure slows the progression of making the thought a reality down. This happens mostly when it comes to stage performances ... ie singing. I am to much in my head to just do it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's elementary my dear Watson

I'm tired of telling these women they cannot make a circle a square. It doesn't work. It doesn't fit

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreads on my Head

I did not grow dreads, locs, dreadlocks, or what ever you like to call them solely for aesthetics. I do not do this to be a pretty boy Floyd or to be down with my favorite rapper. I dawn dreads upon my head for expression. I am expressing my individuality. My own individuality despite all the mini Wayne's around the world. Freedom is the intent of my expression. I'm bothered when people tell me my hair is not up to par. They may not use those words but thats what it sounds like. They are more concerned than I, and it's my head. We all have our pet peeves, I know, but how could I be free if I am always fucking with my hair. Having said that, there does come a time when I feel the need to see my own scalp and tidy up my parts. Yet I wish not to be bound to the slavery of my hair.


I'm detached from all that weights me

In the focus zone

Laser beaming into my future next weeks

My only responsibility is to LEVITATE

A few inches higher than the last one

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love it... I JUST love it

Just like a child.

That's Ghetto!

I cannot stand it when people dub something/someone ghetto for petty reasons. The ghetto is the name for a poor community of people often being immigrants or minority. People use the word as an adjective for all things they feel are bad and wrong. Ghetto is a noun, it is a place not a state of being. Just because someone lives in a ghetto or a project does not mean that they are bad nor all of the things they do. Yes it's true, bad things can and do happen in the ghetto; however, bad things happen everywhere. We could dissect this topic and have plenty to debate on, agree on, and disagree on. So I'll narrow the focus.

It's grinds my gears when people say things like:
- "Hey, look at those people over there on the front porch in the kitchen chairs"
and someone else responds "That's GHETTO!"

Now excuse me for my "ghetto-ness" but if it's one hunneds degrees outside and you don't have air condition or lawn chairs I don't give a got damn if it's ghetto or not I'm sitting my ghetto ass out side on the porch and as far as it being the front porch if it's my house it doesn't matter what side I choose to sit on. And that's for damn sure!!!!!

I have another scenario:
I told my cousin I thought baggy clothes were ghetto, and unprofessional. She asked me why, and I couldn't give her one good reason. In that moment I realized I was being superficial. The tables turned on me though when my cousin and I made this really catchy rap for my voice mail, and more than one person told me I was being unprofessional. My argument is that I will do the same GOOD work with the voicemail, that I would without it. I feel it is my personal phone and voicemail, and it shouldn't matter. Might I add it's a clean rap too, no profanity or double entendres. I like the rap, and it really is fitting because my profession is art. IT IS CREATIVE! To tie this in with being ghetto if a person is going to work hard, they are going to work hard regardless, so who am I to judge them for wearing baggy clothes. There work is what speaks for them, there clothes do not. Fabric does not speak.


So I was downtown[In my town] and there was a group of people protesting against Ronald McDonald, ironically they were dressed as clowns. later I was told that they were protesting the very popular American Fast Food restaurant McDonald's . Much later after that I was in the car and the DJ announced that someone was suing "The Golden Arches" for an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money. What an enraging action!!!!! I was furious. How dare these people (whom ever they may be) sue McDonald's for "making children fat, and aiding in childhood obesity". Now this is my thing: Do not BLAME Mickey D's for childhood obesity, when it is the PARENTS fault. Seriously, I like McDonald's and should not be penalized for eating the occasional fry, for some dumb ass parents that feed their kids fast food every day. Honestly it is the adults fault. Nine year old's could not possibly be walking around with enough money to buy kid meals every day.Which is another reason why "THEY" mad; these people believe that it is wrong to market unhealthy food to kids and lure them in with toys. Ok, fine! They have a good point, A DAMN GOOD POINT. But who do they think are buying these toys with a side of nuggets and fries? My point is, it is not McDonald's fault, so lay off CLOWNS! Lay off or sue the parents that are too "busy" or lazy to cook a healthy meal at home.

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Mz Fluffy and I

You May know my partner in crime Fluff from my youtube videos. She's one of my best cousins.

When is enough enough ?

When do you know things are bad?

Is it when there are no groceries?

Is it when the cable is turned off?

The phone turned off?

The car without gas?

How about when you have four unpaid parking tickets that are about to double tomorrow ?

At that point, you have no choice but to make moves.

Old School Suits

Man I tell you... I hate those wack ass 20 button suits that go to your ankles! So even though this isn't a new new trend I wanted to post how I think a man's suit should look(In my opinion of course). These guys look dapper(thats a word you hardly ever hear)in their tailored suits, they make me wanna put together a Motown revival group or something like that.

Tolerance vs. Patience

I have very little patience, yet a lot of tolerance.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm in Miami Bitch Promo

I had the privilege and pleasure of joining some beautiful women in some summer time fun in the VIBRANT city of Miami, Florida. South Beach to be exact! I enjoyed 2 nights and three days of phone in the sun, and cool evening breezes on collins Ave. Collins Ave is an extremely long strip of enticement. Oceans Ave and Washington run parallel on either side of the street. Muy Caliente. The T.S.U online sorority knows how to treat a guy.

I am working on a written story to go along with this, which is why I only posted the promo

BUT if you have to have more I have the full video posted at

Thursday, May 20, 2010


If a nurse nurses
and a CTA attendant attends
and a writer writes
and a NBA player plays
and a singer sings
and they all get paid to do so
why can't a painter paint?

Monday, May 10, 2010

2d final project

I will be creating a series of paintings this summer that show the progression of cancer. I will be working with various material and styles to depict the different variables of the disease.

Artist Statement:

I am very connected to the disease cancer. I lost four close relatives to it. I have painted with domestic house paint (latex paint) on canvas (36 x 48) the progression of cancer cells. Starting with a sparse cell structure, leading to a mutated cell. The mutated cell (tumor) multiples, and consequently take over the form. I have black and white to show the dynamics of the disease. I feel that color would have added a dynamic point to the narrative. But I omitted color, to show the extremes of the positive and negative aspects.

this is what I have so far.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I tell you right now! I'm not finna to be too many more bitches friends! And that's for damn sure!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Thinking.

I'm manifesting. This is always a tuff time for me. It's when the person, the artist, or both, begin to change. Whether it is a personal change, or me making a change/ changes. I am excited to see what will come of this.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Jump In The Air. Now Stay There!

Perhaps my mentality is screwed up, but when I say I want to do something, or even if I want something. I do it/get it someway, somehow. I feel like this: people love to say what they want to do, and what they want to have. Years later THEY STILL DON'T HAVE IT. They're held back by, I don't know; FEAR or MONEY PERHAPS? That to me IS NOT LIVING. If you want it, damn it, go get it. Now I could go on about this, but I'll stop. I'll leave you with this though: My granny said to her cousin (they were quite a pair)"Gail, let's go on a cruise." Gail then said "Bren, I can't! I don't have money for a cruise" Bren (my granny), said "You'll never go if you wait to have money for it." AND how right was she? What a BRILLIANT way to put it. I applied those words to my life since hearing that story. I've even added to it. "Don't think just do." Do IT PEOPLE.

Oh, and the result of my granny's words of wisdom were that the two of them went on that cruise. They went to a party, and had so much fun that they were almost stranded in Jamaica.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My New Found Hobby

Poetic is it not? Don't be fooled, those round house kicks are DEADLY.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm your Brother.

I say that because, we forget that we are all related in some way. We forget that. Time after time we forget. We are people who need people. Get it?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A letter To Self In Pencil

Dear Brandon

Well, we really have been out of touch. It seems with the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind, it's easy to loose touch. But! I have a few things to say to you, all good things of course. I like your brown eyes. I never realized you had them until you started wearing those Clark Kent glasses. The bottle cap lens magnify to revel a pair of illumines dark brown pupils. Brandon I like your legs. Their super skinny, Long, yet toned like a race horse in the words of Granny. Your mom would always say your legs are hairy like your uncle (you'd reply his are hairy like mine). It doesn't stop there though. The hair on your head grows like a weed. The hair on your face grows just as fast, However, I like it on you. Your skin is the perfect shade for you. People say your skin glows; because you don't eat meat. Really I believe it's the genes; you had a great complexion prior to not eating meat. Teeth! You always did have a beautiful smile. You drink a bit to much tea and coffee, but thank god your teeth aren't terribly stained. I pray they stay that way. I know your big on smiling. I will stop blowing your head up, but you needed to know. I hope all is well, and I know it is.

I love you man,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Day, For Lack Of A Better Title

I've spent a lot of time being anti Haiti, not because I didn't care about the many people that lost homes, lives, and relatives. But I was thinking about myself, and my country. I thought about the currant state America is in. I'm not patriotic, and on many occasions wished I could leave this country. I know that in retrospect we have it great here even if we don't see it. You see, we have all these things, but at the expense of all these other country's. So why gloat about what we have? We are selfish! We are greedy! Myself included at times. Why am I writing this you may ask, and what's the point anyhow? Well it's like this, my opposition to donating and showing compassion to the whole Haiti situation was because I feel America rushes into foreign affairs, to so call (in many cases) help. Meanwhile ignoring whats on the home front.

There has been an earthquake right here in America. The depression (fuck a recession) homelessness, hunger, foreclose, the crime rate the death rate, and the list goes on. Help us! Help America, I said! But who can help us? The government, hah! No they can't save us. Obama can't save us. We have to save ourselves, so for all the people that donate ten dollars here, and ten dollars plus there to help Haiti (amongst other places in need) could have donated to us (the people) to our country for better or for however worst is. It wasn't out of non-compassion that I felt this way; I was just concerned about my well being where I live. I soon after realize after pissing away money on not needed materialistic possessions; I was waisting money while other people were saving lives. They were providing water, food, cloths, medicine.. Etc. I felt terrible about all my griping! I was the one who was wrong! Not that it would have been better if I had donated that money to an organization here on the home front but NAW I blew it. So this is my apology, to whom am I apologizing to. I don't know. I don't believe I was wrong to feel how I felt initially, but I was wrong for being reactive not proactive. I wasn't practicing what I preach, I wasn't practicing UNITY, for that I am sorry! So if Haiti needs us, and America needs us; then we need each other.

Thank you

P.S not that it matters, but I went back and donated even just a lil helps!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Concep, a child of New Orleans, yet a Brooklyn go-getter is many things. He is an ARTIST, DESIGNER even a DANCER. Concep or Cep, was featured in TRACE magazine awhile back; I remember reading the article, however I thought nothing of it. NOT AT ALL BECAUSE THE ARTICLE WAS BAD, AND NOT BECAUSE CONCEP'S TRACK RECORD WASN'T IMPRESSIVE. I hadn't took the time to research Cep for myself. But A friend of mine, and a fellow blogger, Eclectic FLAVA inspired me to check THE MAN out for myself. I can say to you now after revisiting his blog, scouring his website, and following him on TWITTER CONCEP is DOOOOPE.

Cep, has been working on his own clothing line, only after working with French designer Marithe Francois Girbaud. The above picture shows Concep wearing and holding his own designs.

Cep often does LIVE paintings. This is a clip of Concep painting at the Michael Jackson Libation.

Visit for more info.
The above painting shows Concep's signature A2+b2=c2. I wouldn't dare try to explain why this, so I will let the man himself tell you. (click for link)

None of the above pictures are my own.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Artist SPOTLIGHT - The Cool Edition

The Cool Kids

I want to start off by saying.... I know Mikey Rocks of the cool kids. Not personally - but, Nonetheless, we went to high school together. I would never have thought he would end up being 1 half of the RAP DUO known as THE COOL KIDS. Might I add I was not nearly as cool then as I am now, then again, that statement is a personal opinion. You may not think I'm very cool at all. (thats a joke B T W)

The point is I didn't know he had been in a rap group prior to teaming up with Chuck English, so when I was in my college dorm watching mtv, and saw his face on a commercial I thought "he looks FAMILIAR". Then I saw the video for Mikey Rocks; while in the school lounge. I ran(not literally) to a CPU, and facebook a few friends on the matter. Turned out yea... I did know the guy. We had Piano class togther, and I remember thinking, "I'm ahead of the pack" (not because I was just that good, but I had taken the class before). Not even a year later, BAM, dude was blowin up.

Seems like after that I saw him in magazines, all over youtube, and then BEST BUY. I picked up the CD, didn't like it, but after being reminded of my HIP HOP HISTORY; I loved it. The beats come hard, and the rhymes are simple. But not in a bad way, in a way that reminisces OLD SKOOL RAP. Might I add the punch lines are in all the right places, which makes the rhymes more effective in the song overall.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - ladies edition

I would like to start off by saying, boy I'm sorry for Being gone for so long. I promise it wasn't in vain. However, on to the good stuff! I want to lay off the rants and rages long enough to highlight some artist of different mediums. I take inspiration from all of these artist.


yes indeed, I am amazed by this enchantress. Janelle will be releasing 4 albums called suites. I'm not sure why they are called suites, but each project works together to tell a SCI-FI story of an android that falls in love with a human. Now her creators are after her head! I hope I paraphrased the story correctly, if not, not disrespect to Miss Monae. pick up this album, listen for yourself.

SIDEBAR- MONAE is almost always sporting black and white attire.

Janelle created the Wonderland Art Society, then hooked up with Big Boi of Outkast, who hooked her up with Diddy. After all that Hooking up, seems Monae is in for big things. I think it's great to see Diddy behind an artist as original as Janelle Monae.



I can't tell you enough how much I like M.I.A. Honestly I stumbled on to her years back while watching late night videos. The song was GALANG, and I found it to be simple and repetitive. That is exactly the kinda of stuff I like. Repetitive beats put me in a trance, and I find myself memorized. I can't say that Galang is my favorite M.I.A song, but as an introduction to her music; when I saw her years later I remembered her face. LONG BEFORE the success of PAPER PLANES, I had bought the Album for $9.99. I really didn't know what to do with it, mostly because I didn't understand what she was talking about.

Sometime after that I began to research Maya Arulpragasam; only to find she was an art major at a art college in LONDON. She is a graphic designer, and an all around artist. With the help of a drum machine, she became a RAPPER. Rapping about social injustice, and what it's like growing up in third world countries. Her father was a freedom fighter, and Maya spent a few of her early years as a refugee.

Might I add that over the years M.I.A has blessed us with a blend of flash, and around the way girl style. Transforming further into a fashion designer with her own line. I describe it as a blend of prints, patterns, and worldly influence.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Peace, Love, and Unity WHAT THE WORLD REALLY NEEDS is on

Peace, Love and Unity are the three words on everyones minds. After reading the first book from B. The Artist. What I found most impressive about the book was how incredibly simple it is. In just thirty pages B, in a very cohesive manor, took me THERE. Well, “where is THERE you might say?”, I’ll tell you! THERE is your inner most thoughts, thought unconsciously. What I started to feel while analyzing the book page by page, was a sense of hope that perhaps TRUE ARTISTRY HAS NOT DIED. The book made me think of my life right here and now in 2009; with the war coming to a so call end( “?” ), and the country trying to pick up the pieces of life shattered by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

Buy from Xlibris Publishers
Or buy @

Read more of the press release here

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Lovely Inspiration


the QUEEN speaks! you would do well to listen.

Cocktails Anyone?

I had the pleasure and the privilege of attending, yet another cocktail party this past weekend. Henry and Rebecca Huegly were host with the most this past weekend. Kicking the summer off right by entertaining high school homies, and elite motor cycle crew members of "Next Level". playing photographer as usual, I snapped more pictures than a Japanese tourist. Wanting to capture moments that showed people enjoying themselves; I spontaneously snapped pictures justifying the actions by informing "I'M A BLOGGER, IT'S WHAT I DO". The evening was a blank canvas to be painted with a trip down memory lane, for those who attended Amunson high school. Hallways were traveled physiologically once more, with help from all four year books! As for the bikers in the house, you could say we ALL were schooled when a man stood up to unfold "JUST WHAT TO SAY TO WOMEN".

"NUMBER 1: Thats a nice hairdo. NUMBER 2: You losing weight. NUMBER 3: Baby, you was RIGHT"

A spectator stood up, and had this to say: "YEAH and if you call a girl up you ain't seen in six months, she'll suck ya' dick twice"

I blame it on the Alcohol.

You have not partied, until you have partied with Henry and Rebecca Huegly!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Video Dundee

I have been inspired to post a view of my favorite vids..... with no rhyme or reason to the selection. Here you go:


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This one is for the KING.

The “Bad” album made me love Michael Jackson’s music. I remember playing it back to back, day after day. My mom let someone borrow it, and they lost it. Damn, I need to buy another copy, it is too CLASSIC not to have! He truly was an Artist, and served as a King

Only Michael could make ballet dancing in a subway look TUFF!

Rant # 2

It has been brought to my attention that I am RUDE! I was also told that I don't think of others feelings ("careless" if you will). I was asked what I thought about these accusations; I replied, "I don't care if you really want the truth!" I went on to say "I don't want to disregard your feelings, and I'm glad you are being honest, but I don't know what you want me to say". JANE DOE said to me "I don't want you to say anything really". OK, so all of this was to make me aware of my actions. Hmmm, I will admit that I have on more than one occasion spoke, or did something that played against someone's feelings. However, on the the occasions given to me to show the error of my ways; were "WTF" moments. For instance I was on my "BRAND NEW iPHONE" during a movie that I didn't want to watch. I didn't refute the movie choice, because I often do, and this time I wanted to just go with the flow. I have been told many times to not let people steal my joy. I don't understand the concept of "not letting others steal your joy", but I am going to use this CLICHE line TODAY, RIGHT NOW. Don't make it seem like I have prevented you from watching a movie, because I was on my iphone. I promise you that there are bigger things to worry about. "DO YOU"

That is all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rant # 1

Lately, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the ways of the world. I have spent an equal amount of time trying to understand why I DON'T understand the ways of the world. There seems to be these NORMS that my peers understand and abide by. Whereas I persist on OPPOSING them! If it is ONE THING THAT I HAVE GROWN TO HATE, it's being told "IT'S LIKE THAT, AND THATS THE WAY IT IS". What the HELL does that mean? Honestly is it just me, or is that the MOST STUPIDEST THING you have ever heard? I can understand picking your battles, but at the same time I don't! the heart of my problem is this, I can not fathom why when others say it is white, I feel the need to say it is BLACK. For that, people FAULT me. I am terribly sorry people feel my questioning of life is so off. BUT I am not sorry, nor will I apologize for doing so! Furthermore anyone who has a problem with it can find some "rocks to kick". I am not a robot, and I have no intent to being a product of "THEIR SYSTEM". I don't agree or approve anyone trying to control me in any circumstance because of so called "IT'S LIKE THAT, AND THATS THE WAY IT IS".

Thank you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am SICK!

I am sick of people putting a DEGREE on a sliver platter! I am in no way shape or form saying that EDUCATION is not important. HOWEVER, I feel that EDUCATION AND LEARNING CAN BE DONE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT THAT INVITES IT! Therefore if one opens up to learn, THEY WILL! A four year college/university can be pivotal, but GOING TO ONE IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION for greatness! Lastly the consistent argument is that going to college is where you explore you potential and shape your greatness. I DARE YOU TO TELL ME THAT YOU CAN'T DO THE SAME ELSEWHERE.

How about life experience, travel, exploration, etc.....



Saturday, June 13, 2009


How dare I do a stupid thing like pursue happiness. How dare I chase dreams, and live in the clouds. What a reckless thing to do. I've fucked up my whole life trying to satisfy myself. how dare I not follow the grain, and do what others wanted me to. If I had things would be so much more smoother. I fucked up. Yeah, I did.

Monday, June 8, 2009

How I feel right now

I'm DAMN tired of listening to these dumb girls. I'm sick of hearing UM LIKE WELL, UM LIKE WELL, UM LIKE WELL, UM LIKE WELL!


I saw a choir today filled with the stongest, loudest , most enthuisiastic singers i have seen to date. They blew me away with the notes that usually come at the end of a song all though out the song. The money notes if you will. They were everything that a singer should be. The thing that blew me away the most was that they were young. young beautiful , strong loud enthusiastic and INVOLVED.

Shouts out to Kenwood choir who I saw perform live at a charity event back in 2007.

Monday, June 1, 2009


International soul goddess of the universe, Christy Love celebrated in style this past saturday (May 30, 2009). The Funkiest Sensation of them all, and my own personal Medulla Oblongata created magic moments all evening long for her fortieth birthday. The bash started around seven p.m, and the last of the stragglers straggled out around five a.m the next morning. Miss Love arrived fashionably late, yet somehow right on time. She sported a perfectly shaped afro; that glistened brighter than the moon with afro sheen. Friends and family gathered to share laughs, food, music, and cocktails. We sipped on house specialties made by Christy herself; such as pink panties, easy livings,piña colada, and long - long Island ice teas! She came ready and willing to party, and did just that! Rocking the crowd for several hours was nothing out of the ordinary for this Enchantress. Might I add she was backed by not only one, but two backup groups. Two young ladies by the name of THE LOVETTES, and two young men named the LOVETONES. When the live show was over we gathered around to watch HER play some old fashion cards "BID WHIST baby". Her contenders couldn't touch her, for the LOVELY MISS LOVE is quite the card shark. I would like to thank HER MAJESTY for a wonderful evening, and I can not wait to do it again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Press Release: What we REALLY need! - B. The Artist

Peace, Love and Unity are the three words on everyones minds. After reading the first book from B. The Artist. What I found most impressive about the book was how incredibly simple it is. In just thirty pages B, in a very cohesive manor, took me THERE. Well, “where is THERE you might say?”, I’ll tell you! THERE is your inner most thoughts, thought unconsciously. What I started to feel while analyzing the book page by page, was a sense of hope that perhaps TRUE ARTISTRY HAS NOT DIED. The book made me think of my life right here and now in 2009; with the war coming to a so call end( “?” ), and the country trying to pick up the pieces of life shattered by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

All we need to do is unite! When we work together as one unit (far more than a team) we can accomplish any and everything. The pictures in the book are of The Artist known as B. himself, as well as, two of his cousins. Who were more than happy to model for him, so he could accomplish one of his dreams. When asked to speak on the book B said this: ”I am excited that this process is over, yet I am extremely nervous. I am nervous that people won’t get it, respect it, or appreciate the intent of it. But in hind sight I stand by my product no matter. Lastly, I have grown artistically during this project, and much more since it’s completion. You haven’t heard the last of me!”

written by Charlie Maddox for the Rosewood Arts and Production company

B. The Artist is a hustler baby, I just want you to know!

Just Click HERE !